Liberate and Affairs

AFFAIRS is a my fashion line brand. born at yogyakarta in July 2009 with my co-Founder Mario Andriyono. After had researched for 7 months, they launched the first season of their product, called DEAD PLAIN LUST, and then the second season at january 2011 which named DCDNC/DCDNT. AFFAIRS was made by concern at human basic need, especially in apparel, for now. They truly concern about how to make comfort apparel, by choose the material, research the measurement, cutting, and always do innovation. All of it do by the heart of product-making. All of the complex process are boiled everyday and wish it could arrived simple and easily to be achieved by you and answer your basic need of apparel. As they really think how the above or your below size are still comfortable to be wore. back to basic, and be as simple as possible is all the key to our concept. Ok, don’t think too hard about the kitchen, if you want to understand, you should wear it. And feel it. AFFAIRS is not perfect. But it’s better. this is the link to AFFAIRS brand blog roll.

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